Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Mechanic (Guide)

I. Mechanic Types


 Mechanic Types Subsections:

 1. Mado-Mechanic

 2. Master-Mechanic


 Mechanic Types Subsection 1:


 Description: The Mado-mechanic is the mechanic type that defies the norm for smith classes. Instead of focusing on dealing huge DPS,the Mado-mech is a support type character invaluable to guilds and parties. Expertise on areaattacks and buffs plus status infliction, the Mado-mech proves useful in any adventure. Unlike its damage minded predecessor, BS and MS, and its offensive counterpart, Mecha-Mastersmiths, Mado-mechs deal slightly less damage. If you enjoy riding a robot to support and be useful in any situation, be a Mado-mech.


 *Disclaimer: Presented here after are just suggested builds. The author never forced anyone to undertake

 the presented build.


 Mado-Mechanic Stats:

 Base Stats Legend:

 - = 1~20

 X = 20~39

 XX = 40~59

 XXX = 60~79

 XXXX = 80~99

 XXXXX = 100~120



 AGI: -





 Stat Justification:

 As the rest of the classes, except innate ranged classes, STR is taken for S.ATK and weight capacity AGI is ignored since Mado-mechs are heavy skill users, skills that are independent of aspd. DEX is for casting reductions and HIT. VIT is obviously for tanking purposes. INT is taken for little SP, minimal reduction on variable cast time and SP regeneration. Mado skills dont base themselves on mATK but on ATK instead. Also LUK is added for its numerous bonuses. Incomparable in terms of damage (even with high STR) to DPS/Heavy hitter offensive classes, Mado-mechs more than make up with his skills so DEX for reducing casting time and INT for SP is a need. VIT is also gotten for stun resistance especially if one aims to WOE with it. Classic SVD builds would bode well for this type but with the inclusion of LUK, it became better.

 Mado-Mechanic Skills:

 Base Mado Skills:

 Magic Gear License

 Mainframe Restructure

 Support Skills:

 Magnetic Field

 Neutral Barrier

 Infrared Scan


 Stealth Barrier

 Offense Skills:

 Boost Knuckle

 Vulcan Arm

 Cold Slower

 Pile Bunker

 Flame Launcher

 Arm Cannon

 Self Destruction

 FAW - Silver Sniper

 FAW - MAgic Decoy

 Situational Skills:


 Emergency Cool

 Shape Shift



 Front-Side Slide

 Back-Side Slide

 Axe Training

 Research Fire and Earth

 Skill Explanation:

 If one wants to be a Mado-mech, one would have numerous routes to choose from. Starting with Base Mado skills, by combining several purpose skills, you can create a shawarma of skills that could give the edge to your guild and party. If the mech aims to be a support mech, he should get all the support purpose skills. It wont take all skill points so, he could also choose some other offensive skills or situational skills. A Stealth Barrier Mech could also get the sliding skills to be a maneuverable Protoss Arbiter. A Self Destruct Mado may get Magnetic Field so as his targets wouldnt go away from the blast radius. A Cold Slower Mech may also get Analyze for DEF reductions + Slow. Neutral Barrier Mados can get the never miss Arm Cannon to hit enemies outside the barrier. And the list goes on. Thats what makes Mado mechs so valuable. They are versatile pieces of equipment.

 Master-Mechanic Skills:

 Base Master-Mechanic Skills:

 All of the Battle/Buff Skills of the Mastersmith

 Offense Skills:

 FAW - Silver Sniper

 FAW - MAgic Decoy

 Axe Boomerang

 Axe Tornado

 Power Swing

 Situational Skills:

 Axe Training

 Research Fire and Earth

 Skill Explanation:

 Mecha-smiths focus on all the axe skills and masteries as a Mechanic. He doesnt use a Mado for the sole reason that Mado Mechs cant use HSCR. So instead of totting a mech, Mecha-smiths eye the remaining skills. Masteries such as Axe Training and Research Fire and Earth give numerous bonuses including additional ATK that multiplies according to skill modifiers including HSCR. The other skills might be mediocre to the point of no use but hey, youll use HSCR anyways. Axe Boomerang is an added ranged skill that may serveas the finishing blow. Power Swing is a good alternative (due to Stun chances) to Mammonite when zeny shortage occurs. Axe Tornado is great for mobbing, pvm-wise. HSCR plus FAWs not only give Master-mechs range, but firepower too. Then there are still other strange builds involving Mado use by a Master-mech. They strap on a Mado, Self Destruct, pot really quick, then Ram. Insane, but useful indeed.

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