Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Warlock (Guide)

Greetings Warlock

 I will be sharing some of my experience and skills for you guys.. just ask!(for those who think they already know, fine.. for those who don't this might help you )

 Mage classes way back back back back beta days is known to be powerful and destructive. We can kill any job in the pvp with our int/dex/vit build without any help of our party. We also doesn't share our secrets specially to other Wizards because they might know our weaknesses. for some reason we do have weaknesses..

 Then transcendent jobs came.. we become more stronger with the help of foods and other buff skill/item we became no cast. as long as we reach 150 dex.

 and now.. 3rd job.. ano na?

 Now.. I am encourage to make this thread because every time i visit PvP room, i don't see any Warlock class wandering around or having a duel with other jobs. and i think i know why.

 Shura: Gates of hell = 1 hit?

 Genetics: Mandragora+trap+hellplant = ?

 RK: Spiral/Dragons Breath = ?

 GX: Poisons/edp/CI = lol?

 ito po ba? fear no more!

 I will be giving you some of Skill tree build / stats build / equip build etc. its all up to you to improvise the said given.

 lets start with skill tree and combo skills.

 For the Skill tree Build:

 actually there are many different types of skill and most of Warlock skills are very useful, thats why its very difficult for us to decide what skill to get. and the only solution is to try every skills and learn which skill is very useful and fits your stats.

 there are only 2 skill tree build that i can recommend to you. and each of these has its advantages and disadvantages.

 Tetra Build: this is the ultimate skill of a Warlock. it can kill every job if successfully casted and very useful in WoE. if you'll get Tetra Vortex it will consume almost all of your skill points. i suggest to get lv5 White imprisonment+lv5 SoulExpansion or lv5 Sienna+lv5 Crimson+lv5 Misty+lv1 Reading+lv1 Release if doing this build. the advantage of this build is you can surely kill. the disadvantage is you'll be defenseless and you'll have to choose which of White Imprisonment or Sienna Execrate will you discard.

 Combo Type Recognize Spell Build: who said recognize spell isnt useful? recognize spell maximize your total matk. so in every matk attack u made it will always do max damage. I strongly recommend this build for those who want to last long in pvp/woe. in this build you'll have to get the following:

 White Imprisonment 5

 Sienna Execrate 5

 Misty Frost 5

 Soul Expansion 5

 Crimson Rock 5

 Jack Frost 5

 Earth Strain 5

 Reading 1

 and Recognize Spell (ikaw na mag decide kng ano level ng recog mo)

 while doing this build you can hold many opponents as you want. you can disable everyone who is attacking you and easily kill them one by one. use misty frost to slow their movement speed and casting time. also before going for a battle, always ready your Reading Spellbook and slot (2)Earth Strain on it. here are the combos:

 White Imprison + Recognize Spell + Amplify + SE = GG (very effective against low HP opponents)(also, know your opponents armor)

 WI+Recog+Amplify+SE+Sienna+Amplify+Crimson = BOOM (for medium high HP)

 WI+EarthStrain+Release+Release+Misty+Recog+Amplify+SE+Sienna+Amplify+CR+JF = alt qq (for very High HP opponents)

 Always know your opponents armor for sure damage. and beware of Maya Guards. thats why you have to use Earth Strain to strip their guard if ur oppenent is using such thing.

 NOTE: White Imprisonment can be spam by pressing rapidly your assigned key, also it has no limit of how many players u can trap with. the faster u press it the higher ur success rate is. and always use energy coat.. its very important.

 For the pre-requisite skills. dont max those aoe skills(except for SG). choose the useful skills like firewall, fire pillars, napalm vulcan, gravity field and the likes. stone curse has a very low chance and can be easily break. also the frost diver.

 For the Stats build.

 120int is a must. also high vit, not so high dex and luk. to survive, you must at least 20-22k++ HP. high dex is not really necessary. luck helps your matk goes up. once you reach 22k HP+GRarmor it will be hard for other job to take you down.

 For the Equip build.

 LBH or Maya Purple Headgear

 Robo Eye or Mistress shades/Elven

 Rainbow Scarf or Gpipe

 GRVA / GRIfrit(or GRAqua)

 Staff of Destruction / Combat Knife - CranialVS

 I.Dmant / Sinx Dmant


 NeoSkullring / HideOG - PhenOG

 at least +4. if you got over ups, more better.

 to understand the weapon/shield portion. you always have to set CK and CVS as your primary weapon then switch SOD if your going to kill. i suggest you stay on def mode while doing WI/Sienna/Misty/Quag skills. then only switch SOD if your going for a kill. also practice your hiding ability. it will help you to avoid Gates of Hell or any attacks that might kill you.

 always set your GRVA as your primary armor. switch it if your enemy is casting Dragons Breath or any Fire property attack.

 and if you are so rich. use every foods/consumable items u can use! and always use Guyak so that you can easily run.

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